Full configuration

A complete example of all configuration options is provided below with comments.

  // Required config:
  // Your publishable key as found on happi.team/settings/widget
  publishableKey: "my-publishable-key",
// Optional config: // Signed JWT identifier your customer to prefill their details customerData: "eyJbGci...", // Background colour for the support icon iconBg: "hotpink", // Text colour for the support icon iconTextColor: "white", // Text displayed beside the support icon iconText: "Support", // Main title displayed when widget is open headline: "Ask for help...", // Subheading displayed when widget is open subheading: "Our team usually reponds within 1-2 working days.", // Placeholder text in the main message input field messagePlaceholder: "Please help me with...", // Submit button text submitText: "Get in touch", // Displayed when message has sent successfully successText: "Your message has been sent, we’ll get back to you soon!", // Displayed when message fails to send errorText: "Failed to send your message, please try again", // Form label for category dropdown categoryHeader: "Category", // List of categories for a dropdown above the message box categories: [ "Technical support", "Pricing enquiry", "Other" ], // Various colour customisations, accepts browser colour names or hex colour codes styles: { headerBgColor: "hotpink", headerTextColor: "white", buttonBgColor: "purple", buttonTextColor: "#fff" }, })