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Simple customer support for small teams.

Save time and engage with all your customer emails in a single app.

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Happi is easy to use!

Easy to use

Happi is simple and feels like having a conversation over DMs. You’ll be up and running in minutes!

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Less pressure than live chat

You don’t want to put unfair expectations on your small team. As soon as customers see live chat, they expect someone to be waiting on the other side to answer them, all the time!

Embed Happi into your website

Embed in your website

You can use Happi’s support widget to embed directly into your website or app, making it even easier for your customers to get in touch.

Happi allows multiple team members

All in one place

Every conversation is stored in a single, secure app. Any member of your team can see the full history with customers and work together to provide exceptional support.

Everything comes as standard.

Happi was built for small teams just like yours, we don’t lock features behind expensive upgrades.


Get instant notifications when customers send messages.


Happi accepts and lets you attach your own files to messages.

Customised templates

Upload your logo and customise your email templates.

Custom domains

Use your own ([email protected]) domain to send/receive messages from.

Canned responses

Save time by scripting your common responses and click a button to instantly reply.

Support widget

Easily embed this into your website/app for a slicker support experience.

Spam protection

Configure thresholds for auto-detecting spam and easily block mallicious senders.

Hosted FAQs page

Create a hosted knowledge base containing all your frequently asked questions. Coming soon!

“Happi is really slick! Works great on mobile and is a much nicer way of engaging with customers compared to the enterprise tool we were using before.”

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