Custom email addresses

Receiving messages from your domain

To receive emails from your own custom email address, simply add your custom email address in settings and then follow the instructions to forward emails from that address to your Happi mailbox.

Sending messages from your domain

At the moment, to prevent malicious users on our platform we will approve your custom email address manually.

Once you have added a custom address and configured email forwarding into Happi we will review your custom email settings and if applicable approve your domain for sending. Once this is done, your replies in Happi can be sent out using your own email address, before this point all emails sent out will come from your email issued on signup.

To confirm you have access to this email address, you may receive an email from our email delivery partner, Postmark asking you to confirm your Sender signature, don’t worry this is normal and you should click the link in the confirmation email they send you.