Getting started

This guide will walk through from the basics of using Happi, right through to integrating the support widget into your application.

How does Happi work?

Happi picks up your customer conversations from a support email address and/or by integrating the support widget into your application or website.

In simple terms, you have a inbound mailbox for your Happi account Any email sent or forwarded to this address are sent straight to your Happi inbox. Find out more about how to forward mail to Happi.

Once your customer conversations are coming into Happi, you'll be able to collaborate as a team and easily keep a track of which customers need a response. It’s as easy as sending DMs on your favourite social platform, but your whole team has access.

Account verification

We want to make sure all of the email you send through Happi lands straight in your customers inbox and doesn't get caught up with spam filters, unfortunately, this means we need to be very rigorous with who we let into the platform and we need to make sure each client using Happi isn't doing so for nefarious reasons.

From time to time, we need to manually verify your account, please be patient as this may take up to 24 hours on weekdays, or the Monday following a weekend.